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Candice Marie

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A weather proof, ridge bottom bird. Candice Marie is made with a white clay body, and decorated with home-made slips and a variety of techniques for texture. She has a slightly rough edge along the bottom.

More info:

The Portland Pigeon is a bespoke ceramic piece, created in collaboration with local residents of Portland Street, Stoke On Trent. Like many of our projects, it started when we noticed something that needed doing. Our building had a hole in the roof – we needed a ridge tile to fix the hole – and we thought about making it a decorative one – adorned with a pigeon!

Homing pigeons are our inspiration. They travel long distances, through treacherous weather conditions to come home. Stoke On Trent is home to a lot of pigeon fanciers and racers – so it seems fitting that this working pigeon be The Portland Inn Project mascot.

A decorative ridge tile is the triangular tile that goes on your roof or ‘finial’. Some people have other birds, like owls or eagles and some have gargoyles!
By purchasing a pigeon and installing it on your roof (wherever you may live), or displaying it in your house, you are demonstrating your support for our project. They can be housed anywhere you like and are suitable for all weather conditions – apart from a hurricane.

Our Portland Pigeons are handcrafted in Stoke On Trent, using a studio white clay body.

The method used to create the original birds involved creating two equal shaped pinch pots which are then joined together. A traditional, hand-sculpting technique is used to tap and lengthen the shape with a wooden paddle, allowing the bird form to emerge from the clay.

From these sculpted birds, we created two different pigeon shapes. A mould was made for each and then all birds press moulded from these two shapes. The press-moulded pigeons are then hand fettled and feathered with traditional sgrafitto mark-making using bespoke coloured slips created in collaboration with artist Sarah Fraser.

The pigeons are first biscuit fired to 1000C, and then glazed and fired a second time at 1220C. This process means that each Pigeon is unique, and hand crafted at each stage of the making process. Even our packaging is hand screen printed, and the artwork created in collaboration with our young members!

Your Ridge Pidge is designed with a ridged bottom, so he fits neatly onto the apex of a roof, attached to a traditional roof ridge tile. An outdoor tile grout is advised to fix your pigeon in place.

Look carefully at the pictures of your bird before choosing: each bird is carefully hand made and unique, and has all the lovable characteristics and anomalies of a studio pottery object.

The price includes postage and packaging, sent second class tracked.