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The Portland Inn Project is a community interest company that relies largely on grants and fundraising to deliver our year-round programme of activity.

Our programme is designed via community decision-making, and is responsive to our neighbourhood and the challenges we often face as a community that has been historically marginalised.

Our creative and educational projects have led to the development of skills for people who experience barriers to education and employment and have enabled significant improvement to residents wellbeing, contributing to the empowerment of residents to be part of community-led change in our neighbourhood.

Did we mention we’re renovating an old pub building to be an arts and community space? The first cultural centre of its kind in the city. This is so that we can operate at a more ambitious scale, where more community members can come together, learn new skills and continue to shift the story of our neighbourhood. Children and young people deserve access to better life chances through positive experiences and learning at an early age. The Portland Inn Project demonstrates the ability to address this, but we can’t do it without the crucial support we need.

Your contribution, no matter how large or small, is important so that we can continue the work we do! Thank you 🧡

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